Apartment leases and property leases inside the State of New Jersey are governed by New Jersey Property Code § 92 and New Jersey Finance Code § 392. This property code lays out the rights and obligations of the tenant and landlord a residential lease situation. The apartment debt collection companies must follow New Jersey Property Code and New Jersey Fair Debt Collection Practices Act in collection efforts.

When a consumer hires our firm we first interview the client to see what their version of events is and explain what can be possibly achieved given the facts. Next, if the client does not possess appropriate documentation, our firm will obtain copies of the lease, accounting ledger, and any other documents needed from the landlord or debt collector. We evaluate the documents based on New Jersey Property Code / New Jersey Finance Code and work with the client to resolve the issues. Often our clients may need to settle with the apartment debt collector or landlord to resolve the issue. If an eviction judgment was issued we will work to release that judgment as well in our negotiation.

We often find our selves working with the following debt collectors on apartment collections

  • Assurant
  • Blakely-Witt
  • BYL Collection Service
  • Carter-Young Inc
  • Central Portfolio Control Inc
  • Executive Credit Management Inc
  • Fair Collections and Outsourcing (FCO)
  • Genesis Credit Management
  • Hunter Warfield
  • HL Collect
  • Impact Receivables Management
  • Innovative Recovery
  • IQ Data International Inc.
  • National Credit Audit Corporation (NCAC)
  • National Credit Systems
  • NCC Business Services
  • OxygenXL
  • Procollect
  • Professional Debt Mediation
  • Quality Asset Recovery LLC
  • Rent Recovery Service
  • Rent Recovery Solutions LLC
  • RentDebt
  • Resident Collect Inc
  • RS Clark and Associates, Inc.
  • Saldutti Law Group
  • Sentry Credit, Inc.
  • Southern Management Systems
  • Tenant Tracker / TT Marketing Inc.
  • Transword Systems Inc.

If you need assistance in resolving issues with an apartment collection / land lord issue, please call (844) 416-1600

We offer competitive, flat fee pricing. For a FREE QUOTE on your issue go here. We offer competitive, flat fee pricing. For a FREE QUOTE on your issue go here. We offer discounts when handling more than one issue for a client and allow payment plans. Most apartment issues are handled for $175.00 to $400.00 depending on debt collector or landlord.

For our fees we will:

Obtain the necessary documents to evaluate your situation
Evaluate the documents compared to the client’s scenario and help render an opinion
Help the client enforce their rights as to the debt collection / credit reporting.
If desired, approach the lender to see if a settlement can be made that is favorable to our client’s goals of credit reporting and ending possible legal liabilities.

The above fees do not include the filing of a lawsuit against the creditor.